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There is a clear gap between the demand for network security professionals and the vacancies, with the latter being much higher. According to LinkedIn, more than 50,000 network security jobs are vacant due to lack of talent and expertise. A network security certification will open unlimited opportunities to pursue these jobs at the most reputable companies in the world.

network security engineer salary

According to PayScale, network security engineers earn between $57,000 and $128,000 per year.

Are you a CCNA administrator and want to upgrade?

CCNA certification authenticates the ability to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot routed and dial-up systems, and typically leads to network technician/administrator jobs. The primary responsibility of these roles is to manage network equipment crucial for seamless data flow within the IT infrastructure.

Certification has its limitations, however, as it does not provide knowledge about network defense or security. CND v2 focuses on key knowledge areas to build superior network defense skills. A network administrator who understands networking tools and technologies will absorb network security knowledge faster than their peers.

A network technician/administrator with a background in network security will find careers in the most reputable organizations in the world.

Are you an MCSE admin looking to upgrade?

MCSE-certified technicians have knowledge of networking fundamentals and experience in setting up administration and security-related tasks. Their responsibilities include installing, configuring, testing and maintaining operating systems, system management tools and application software for customers. They monitor security, backup and slow client approaches.

However, this certification has its limitations as it does not cover network security. Professionals in this field should consider network defense to reach the next stage of their career. A network administrator with prior knowledge of network tools and technologies will assimilate network security knowledge faster than their peers.

Technicians trained in network security then find careers in sought-after companies around the world. CND v2 is a vendor-neutral certification that allows individuals to work on different tools without any restrictions. Those who complete EC-Council’s Certified Network Defense (CND) training and certification are eligible for positions such as entry-level network administrators, entry-level network security administrators, data security analyst, junior network security engineer , Junior Network Defense Technician, Security Analyst. , security operator, among many others.

Kevin M. Risinger