Universal Print is compatible with Zero-Trust Network Security

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  • Microsoft has claimed that its Universal Print Service is part of its “zero trust” vision for networks.
  • It is alleged that Azure Active Directory validates managed printers as part of the print service.
  • Universal Print is IPP-based, so there’s no need for printer driver installation, updates, or maintenance.

Microsoft has claimed that its Universal Print Service is part of its “zero trust” vision for networks. This appears to be new marketing information as earlier Microsoft released the Service Management Services for IT Professionals.

The Universal Print service was launched in March and at the time IT professionals would be in charge of overseeing print limits. For organizations with an E3 or E5 license, the Universal Print service is said to be “free”.

Can be used with older printers

According to Microsoft, there is an unparalleled feeling of using new Universal Print qualified printers which they believe are the best experience. To see a detailed list of print partners that support Universal Print, see this Microsoft document.

It is also possible for users to use the Universal Print service with older printers. Microsoft recommends an alternative solution; its Windows Universal Print Connector software. However, if you use this solution, make sure you have installed the latest print drivers.

keep in mind

  • Since the Universal Print Connector dictates that the correct printer drivers are installed on the host PC, users are advised to verify that they are installing from a trusted source.
  • Using a connector will block the process because using the Universal Print Service is intended to avoid the installation and maintenance of print drivers.

It should be noted that so far “PrintNightmare” was missing from the ad. The two issues may not be related because the rights of clients are limited.

Vulnerabilities in PrintNightmare have in the past affected Microsoft associated with Microsoft Point and Print Windows functionality.

Several fixes have been released for the PrintNightmare attack variants since their discovery, but it appears that organizations have encountered issues with the workaround.

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Kevin M. Risinger