Run network speed test without downloading any app [Tutorial]

Run network speed test without downloading any app [Tutorial]

Here’s how you can run a network speed test on your iPhone or Android phone without downloading any apps.

Don’t waste space on your iPhone or Android, run a network speed test directly from your web browser instead

We have super-fast internet all around us these days. And to make sure the internet is working at its full potential, we also tend to run lots of network speed tests from time to time. This involves downloading a dedicated app from the App Store or Google Play and then running a speed test from there.

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But the problem is that not everyone wants to run network speed tests over and over again, so downloading a dedicated app means wasting space on your iPhone or Android device. Luckily, you don’t need to download a dedicated app to run a speed test on your phone or tablet. You can do this directly from your web browser instead.

There are two fantastic ways to do this, and these two speed test services are also well known – and Quickly. The advantage of the former is its efficiency, as there are a ton of Speedtest servers around the world and it automatically selects the best (and fastest) one before continuing. Fast, on the other hand, is hosted by Netflix and will choose the closest server based on your location.

Using your mobile device, simply tap the links below to instantly run a network speed test. You can bookmark or favorite the links once you are there:

The great thing about these sites is how optimized they are for browsers like Safari and Chrome. You never run into any extension issues or anything – they just work, as they should.

Keep one thing in mind though; these websites will only test how fast you can download a dummy file from the nearest server using multiple streams, it does not equate to the overall quality of your internet connection. Sometimes you can end up seeing blazing speeds, but thanks to a poorly optimized network, websites and services can end up being extremely slow. Speed ​​tests will work to their full potential as it is a direct path between you and the speed test server.

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Kevin M. Risinger