Network Security Monitoring Services | CrowdStrike

Network Security Monitoring Services | CrowdStrike

CrowdStrike Falcon® Network as a Service provides extensive network security monitoring capability for threat detection, response and hunting.

the Challenge

Identify malicious actors actively trying to gain access to network endpoints or threatening the health and stability of the network itself through denial of service (DoS) attacks.

Network intrusion

Traditional intrusion detection systems are not enough, you need to know at all times what is connected to your network and which endpoints might be vulnerable.

DoS attacks

DoS attacks

These are targeted attacks that flood the network with bogus requests and cause a denial of service to critical business operations.

Unprotected devices

Unprotected devices

The Internet of Things (IoT) and other critical manufacturing or medical devices, which lack the protection of traditional endpoints, are susceptible to network attack.

the Advantages network security monitoring


Provides visibility across your entire network, analyzing network traffic and scanning for threats.


Highly trained and experienced analysts proactively scour network metadata to detect new and unknown attacks.


Uses multi-faceted detection mechanisms to detect known and unknown threats and unusual network behavior.


Is an easy-to-use physical or virtual appliance that offers frictionless deployment.

What CrowdStrike offers

Falcon Network as a Service is a network security monitoring service that uses a virtual network appliance and the expertise of proactive threat hunters to detect threats in an organization’s network.

Network visibility and analysis

Get the network visibility needed to detect and analyze threats and enable threat hunting.

Multi-faceted detection capabilities

Complete capture of network traffic to extract malware and enable analysis of “at risk” data.

Network device

Choose between a physical network appliance or the rapid deployment of a virtual network appliance to save time and money.

Experience & Know-How

Experience & Know-How

Our team of analysts and consultants sift through network data and develop new threat detection techniques based on our extensive experience investigating some of the most sophisticated cyberattacks by nation states and criminal actors.



CrowdStrike provides both network and endpoint visibility and protection. Falcon Network as a Service provides complete network visibility, threat detection and hunting and is then complemented by the Falcon Endpoint Protection Platform.

The integration

The integration

Falcon Network as a Service works efficiently within your organization’s current IT stack. The Falcon Network Virtual Appliance is easy to deploy, saving time, effort and money, and can be deployed on an organization’s pre-existing hypervisors.

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