Huawei Avoids Network Security Issues and Pushes 5G Innovation: Broadband Breakfast

LAS VEGAS, January 6, 2022 – The possible near-collision of 5G signals and aircraft altimeters stemmed from a lack of coordination on the part of the federal government to bring all relevant information to the Federal Communications Commission before it does not auction spectrum which has now been suspended for security reasons, observers said on Thursday.

This week, Verizon and AT&T agreed to delay the rollout of their 5G services using the C-band spectrum surrounding airports after the Federal Aviation Administration raised the alarm for months about possible wireless signal interference with airplanes, which use their own radios to safely. land planes.

But the problem could have been solved in 2020, when the FCC proposed reallocating part of the band to allow wireless use, some said during a panel discussing 5G Thursday in Las Vegas.

“After the FCC passed the rules, auctioned off the spectrum, raised over $80 billion and the rollout began, then additional information that had apparently not been brought to the FCC before came in… it’s not good for the country,” said John Godfreysenior vice president of public policy and acting head of US public affairs at Broadband Breakfast sponsor Samsung.

“The time for this information to be disclosed, discussed, and analyzed is when the FCC is leading rulemaking,” Godfrey said, adding that the Commerce Department’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration should, as as Federal Telecommunications Representative, spearhead coordination efforts between the FAA and FCC on telecommunications matters.

“I think it’s their job as telecommunications policy leaders in the administration to facilitate bringing the entire federal government to the table in a timely manner,” Godfrey added.

Asad RamzanaliCalifornia Democratic Congresswoman Legislative Director Anna Eshoosaid the fallout from the aviation issue showed that, “Looking back, I think it’s a failure. It’s a failure of the government to be able to coordinate at the right time…when ‘there is a process, those who are affected should participate in it – that is the role of the NTIA.

Confirmation of NTIA chief ‘should be a priority’

And the hope is that such coordination problems can be avoided in the future with the confirmation of a permanent NTIA chief, Ramzanali said. President Joe Biden appointed Alan Davidson in October to be the next permanent head of the agency, which has had temporary numbers to fill the role since the resignation in May 2019 of the last full-time head, David Redl.

“That should be a priority,” Ramzanali said of Davidson’s push. “The NTIA is distributing $42.5 billion of that $65 billion [from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act]. The NTIA is supposed to deal with these kinds of issues. They have brilliant people there, but that’s the kind of leadership they should have.

“And that’s not a recent NTIA thing,” Ramzanali added. “It went on for many years, especially under the previous administration where NTIA didn’t do that part – the coordination with other agencies.

“Hopefully Alan Davidson comes in soon that we don’t see that kind of problem.”

Kevin M. Risinger