How former hacker Marshal Webb created a career in network security

Born and raised in an isolated rural community in southwestern Ohio, Marshal Webb didn’t have much to do in his spare time. He had fewer friends, which meant spending most of his time stuck in his room glued to the screen. His curiosity and deep interest in computers also began to show, and he wanted to learn more. For Marshal, computers were his only escape from boredom as he explored the outside world. Unknowingly, this was the start of Marshal’s journey.

Marshal is a cybersecurity expert and co-founder of one of the largest network intelligence companies, Path. He is a three-time winner of government-sponsored bug bounties. He worked with the Air Force and United States Army, to name a few, where he was awarded a Network Security Medal for discovering vulnerabilities.

At age 12, Marshal knew coding. His unique skills and knack for internet security led him to join the University of Miami at age 12. Driven by his passion, he devoted his time and energy to honing his coding skills. According to Marshal, his bedroom at the time could easily be mistaken for a high-profile cybersecurity firm as he had tech gadgets all around him.

Still a teenager, Marshal joined a group of hackers, Lulz Security. Although it was later shut down, Lulz Security had claimed responsibility for a number of cyberattacks, some of which were high profile.

The attacks saw Marshal on the wrong side of the law, and that’s when he decided to use his skills for good and help make the internet a safer place for everyone. Since then, he has worked with large companies to help them protect their data against cyberattacks.

One of the highlights of his career is working with the Dubai Police on a security exhibition. Exposing the vulnerabilities in their website, it took Marshal less than two minutes to successfully hack it. It was an example at the Gulf Information Security Expo and Conference aimed at showing how hackers can penetrate even the most secure institutions. In doing so, it also highlighted mistakes to avoid to prevent hacking.

According to Marshal, larger organizations are more vulnerable and more exposed to hacking. This is partly because they have a larger pool of assets, which increases their chances of making mistakes. “Hackers attack when there is a loophole,” says Marshal.

“DDoS attacks are constantly being launched against many services every day, and the attacks keep growing,” notes Marshal. With nearly every service moving to online platforms as the world welcomes the new normal, cyberattacks are also likely to increase. , Marshal advocates protecting your data and securing your information.

Marshal was a world-renowned teenage hacker nearly a decade ago, but he’s since changed his hat from black to white. His impact as a cybersecurity expert is clearly visible. As it continues its fight against cyberattacks, its future also looks bright. He currently works with CoinPayments, Frantech, among other big companies. In the future, Marshal hopes to help more businesses protect themselves from hackers.

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