Fortinet Partners with Telecom Niue to Strengthen Network Security

Fortinet has provided the island nation of Niue with a range of cybersecurity solutions in an effort to increase network communications between residents.

The company says it is working to continue making the solutions cost-effective and easy to manage, working closely with Telecom Niue to implement upgrades.

Telecom Niue was looking for modern solutions that were standardized on a single vendor and could be easily managed, due to heavy reliance on government and utilities including schools, hospital and airport.

They approached Fortinet following a tender, as they believed the company’s services could meet the ever-increasing demands that challenge the nation.

Fortinet currently provides Telecom Niue with networking devices and firewalls, as well as professional services. After six months of extensive testing, the solution was deployed and Telecom Niue has reportedly had no issues since then.

Roy Pavihi, CIO of Telecom Niue, says the company has always had a focus on centralized security, and the partnership with Fortinet will help the islands’ communications strategy in the long run.

“For a long time Telecom Niue was looking for a way to control network and security from a central location and now we have it with Fortinet Security Fabric. It is extremely convenient to have everything standardized on Fortinet solutions.

“One of the main advantages is that the team doesn’t have to be physically present to resolve issues, which saves travel time. Instead, the team can manage the network with just the click of a mouse or a few buttons on the keyboard,” he explains.

Pavihi also believes that the trust previously gained in Fortinet is paramount to a prosperous future, as the company has previously provided services to help the nation in 2020.

“The solution has proven itself; At the end of 2020, a malware attack was launched against Niue and the Fortinet security solution protected the island. It was clear that if this technology had not been in place, the island would have been hit by this attack. This saved a lot in terms of costs and a possible data breach, as the attack was stopped before it reached the network. »

Fortinet Regional Manager for Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, Jon McGettigan, says he is proud the company can have a positive impact on the people of Niue,

“Fortinet is proud to work with Telecom Niue to protect the island and its people from the ever-present threat of security breaches. Providing fast connectivity is essential to keeping Niueans connected to each other and to the rest of the world.

He says this will help advance effective solutions in the future and simplify work process network progress for everyone involved.

“The Fortinet Security Fabric is designed to reduce complexity for organizations while providing exceptional security. It eliminates the need for organizations to deploy multiple point solutions to address specific security issues by creating a series of nested security solutions that work together seamlessly to protect the business,” he said.

“Fast connectivity can also open the door to malicious actors, so it was crucial for Telecom Niue to complement its network upgrades with a strong security solution. We look forward to continuing to support Telecom Niue in connecting and protecting Niue Island in the future. »

Kevin M. Risinger