Converged network speed praised by Ookla, consumers

Converge ICT Solutions Inc. has won the Ookla Speedtest Award for Top Rated Fixed Network in the Philippines for H1 2022, after consumers ranked it as the best broadband network in the Ookla Speedtest Awards.

“We are honored to be recognized for this achievement which reflects the sentiment of customers. Being the network of people’s choice means we are directing our efforts and investments in the right place. There is nothing more important than giving give people the service they deserve and I’m glad this is reflected in top ISP rankings,” said Dennis Anthony H. Uy, CEO of Converge.

Uy noted that the customer satisfaction results are rooted in the company’s network upgrades and service improvements, including free speed upgrades given to consumers last quarter.

He added that the citation is also driven by the company’s continued expansion of new service areas, growing business centers and partner outlets to serve more underserved and unserved areas.

“It’s not just about winning and gaining prestige,” said Jesus C. Romero, chief operating officer of Converge. “It’s about showing the Philippines that we have what it takes to provide them with the best Internet solutions. Being able to connect to the Internet should no longer be a privilege, but a right for every Filipino. That’s why Converge has worked hard for the past few years to bring fast and reliable internet to underserved and unserved areas of the Philippines.

In December, the company was recognized for the nation’s top new Internet technology innovations by the International Business Magazine Awards.

The award recognizes the innovative consumer product called Converge Time of Day (TOD).

Converge TOD is a Converge innovation that allows subscribers to benefit from double the subscribed bandwidth during the most productive pre-selected time of the day.

It was first introduced to enterprise customers who needed high-quality, high-speed Internet service for business use, called DIA or Dedicated Internet Access. This was rolled out last year and has since enabled businesses and government to continue to use high-speed DIA to serve their customers and the public while reducing costs.

Picture credits: Business mirror file photo

Kevin M. Risinger