Best Free Network Diagram Software to Design Your Network

Preparing a network is not an easy task, so it only makes sense for network designers to use tools to get started. Creating a diagram makes it easier to set up a fully functional network and as such, quality network diagram software is necessary.

Free Network Diagram Software for Windows 10

If you search the web, you will come across both paid and free software for this exact purpose, but as expected, we are going to focus only on the free rather than the paid.

Yes, if you are able, go ahead and hand draw the diagram yourself. But if you’re not at that level of technical expertise, the following software should make your life easier.

  1. MaSSHandra
  2. Diagram Designer
  3. Network notebook
  4. Sharp picture.
  5. Sharp probe.


Chances are you’re more used to drawing network diagrams in 2D, but if the option were there to do it in 3D, would you jump at the chance? If so, then MaSSHandra is a great tool to consider.

Because it uses 3D engine to make things happen, your network diagram from others would be unique, although we don’t know if it will be the best because 3D icons are not as smooth and beautiful , but they are quite good .

To create a network, simply drag and drop the elements. You won’t find anything easier than this

Now, if at the end of the day you’re not into that 3D thing, then don’t worry because MaSSHandra also supports 2D elements.

2]Diagram Designer

The first program in question is called DiagramDesigner, and from our understanding, it’s awesome. The product is free and open source, so if you don’t trust the code too much, you can check it out to make sure it’s clean.

With this program, people can create network diagrams from the basic level. The tool is quite simple, but don’t expect it to look modern. The design is quite old, but because of that, the file size is slightly more than 2MB. Moreover, it can be used on Windows 10/8/7.

3]Network Notepad

We like this one because it has lots of icons to use when building a network. There are also several interconnected styles designed to help you better describe your unique way of doing things.

Now notice that there are three items where Network Notepad and they are Flowchart, General and Titleblocks. If you want to design a network, you will need to select General to locate all the best components for the task.

You should come across icons such as router, printer, modem, hub, PC, server, link nodes and more. It’s pretty extensive, so we think there’s something on the list for everyone.


If you’re looking for an easy-to-use tool, you might want to give Netpict a try. The user interface is easy on the eyes and simple to understand, so even novices should have little trouble getting ahead.

Everything you need to draw a diagram is on the left side of the tool. The icons aren’t the prettiest, that’s for sure, but users shouldn’t have much trouble.

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5]Network probe

OK, so we have to admit that NetProbe isn’t a standalone network design tool, but it can. You see, it comes with a cool feature that allows it to scan your network, and from the data generated, this program will establish a network unique to you.

Before giving Net-Probe the green light to scan your network, please add the correct IP block range and netmask or your plans will fail.

If you’re a seasoned network designer, there’s no fun in having software that draws a network, so as expected, the option is there to do your work manually.

Draw your network by dragging and dropping icons/elements from the left of the screen to the open area.

Free Network Diagram Software

Kevin M. Risinger